The Benefits of Bentonite Clay!


If you are only just stumbling across Bentonite Clay now then I am positive after learning about it, you will want to bring this amazing clay into your life. While there is so much that you can learn about this clay today we will stick with some of the most common benefits and uses.


Bentonite clay is a fine gorgeous creamy/grey fine powder that we can use for our health and wellness. The colour of clay can depend on where the clay is mined from. The clay is created as a result of volcanoes that erupted volcanic ash into the skies that settled in old ancient seas many many centuries ago. Today we are able to harvest the clay to bring into our homes. Bentonite clay contains more than 50 trace minerals that our bodies can absorb and utilize from;

  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Silica
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Zinc and may more

Bentonite clay has so many uses and is predominantly used as a beauty product. When water is added to the clay, due to its properties they clay swells and makes a beautiful silky muddy paste that has so many applications. Some of the most common applications are;

  • Mud masks: Use on your face or a full body mask. It has been used to assist the healing of dry skin, eczema, and the healing of wounds. Apply wet, let it dry and gentle wash off your skin.
  • Natural toothpastes: Create your own toothpaste with other natural products like; coconut oil, bicarb soda, and essential oils or just use the clay on it own. It’s up to you!
  • Bath Soaks: By adding the clay to the bath you will receive the benefits of the clay nourishing your skin, and the clay binding to toxins and removing them from your body. Your skin should be left feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Baby Powder: Apply dry directly to the areas bub needs. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before gently brushing or fanning it off the area.
  • Arm Pit Detox: Apply the wet paste to your armpits and once dry gently wash off. This may help those who are sensitive to natural deodorants that contain bicarb soda.


Another use of Bentonite Clay is to ingest the clay in a cup of water. This method is being used to help the body detox, alkalize and assist with digestive issues. The clay has been said to;

  • Neutralize gut bacteria: It can help relieve nausea, IBS, and can even be given to your pets if they are experiencing vomiting.
  • Assist in alkalizing the body: When your diet is acidic it can effect our bodies pH levels, making the body have to work harder and leaving vulnerable to illness. Bentonite Clay has alkalizing minerals which can assist at bringing your pH levels back into balance.
  • Detox: Due to its negative charge, Bentonite Clay has the ability to withstand acids found in our gut and bind with toxins. This gives our body the ability to pass those toxins rather than our body store them.
  • Assist the immune system: Due to the clays ability to assist in protecting the gut wall, it may help prevent any toxins enter the blood stream by permeation of the gut lining. This overall can help protect your immune system, as our immune systems begin in the gut.

If you do choose to take the clay internally, be sure you are sourcing a good quality clay that meets your countries Food Safety Standards and is in fact Food Grade. Most good quality clays can vary in colour from a light to dark creamy/grey. I would be weary if the clay you have purchased in very white in colour.

Whats so amazing about this clay is that its cheap, you don’t need to use much, it last a long time, and its incredibly simple and easy to use. No matter which way you use the clay your body will benefit from it one way or another.


If you would like to try Bentonite Clay you can find Redmond Clay in our online store. You can buy the powder or a pre-made mask for your convenience!

Redmond Clay (Bentonite Clay)

Redmond Clay Mud Mask (bentonite clay)